• Underwater pile visual inspection - Visual examination of the damage and stress of the pile structure

  • in HK, a visual inspection of pile carried out periodically, it is a essential for pile maintenance. In the visual survey, we look for sign of damage and the stress on the pile structure.​​

  • Underwater pile protection Wrap - Install protection wrap on pile to prevent deterioration.

  • After a period of time, underwater structures like piles start to deteriorate, to protect the decay in the pile structure, a protection wrap should be installed.

  • Underwater pile thickness measurement - Use the ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure the pile’s thickness against the original reading. The measure the pile's thickness,  it is part of the pile inspection procedure. After period of time, unprotected pile start to deteriorate,  in order to find out the deterioration level, ultrasonic thickness gauge can be used to compare the pile's thickness with the original reading. 

  • Underwater seawall & seawall toe condition survey - Seawall is the first line of defence to protect the shoreline, high sea wave continuously hit the seawall and result cavity between block displace and the concrete blocks, to check the seawall condition, we carry out seawall and seawall toe condition survey.​ A condition survey is essential, a guideline for further maintenance work.