We are an underwater services company based in Hong Kong operated by a highly qualified and skilled team of underwater construction and environmental services specialists. We have over a decade of combined experience in a wide range of commercial diving work.

Led by Mr Tanveer a saturation diver with over 20 years onshore/offshore commercial diving experience. He qualification recognized by International Marine Contractor Association and certify by HSE (UK) Diving at work regulation 1997 & Construction Industrial Council of HK. 

Mr Tanveer worked with multinational companies in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and West Africa as Saturation Diver, Mix Gas Diver, Air/Mix Gas Supervisor, and Project co-ordinator. 

Mr Tanveer obtains his diving qualification from prestige diving training centre: 

• The Underwater Centre, Scotland, and Diving Health and Safety (HSE) the UK,
• Mixed Gas Closed Bell Saturation Diver from Institut National De Plongee Professionnelle (INPP France)

He is the secretary of Hong Kong Industrial Diving Union and a member of the Commercial Diving Association Hong Kong.


In Diving Task, our approach to underwater services is a hands-on approach throughout all stages of any given project. Planning ahead and collaborating with our clients throughout the entire process is key to our success, therefore, we always ensure that the task at hand is well studied, understood and planned well in advance of the implementation.