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In Hong Kong plastic marine fenders for wharfs could be a quite new proprietary technology product, mistreatment the waste synthetic resin as main materials, inserted with fiberglass reinforcement bars to extend strength. it has several options like high strength, corrosion, and decay resistance, not corrosion, marine borer resistance, weather resistance, radical long life, and low maintenance, so it might replace similar picket fenders or rubber fenders and has been the simplest selection of engineering materials for pier construction.

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Plastic marine fenders for piers are all reclaimable and environmentally friendly. and also the installation methodology is extremely easy, makes ocean water flow utterly, the ocean currents won’t be blocked, and it will shield the Marine ecological atmosphere and Marine life, won’t type backwater in ports, break the issues of water not flowing in port, summer stink of corruption, saving the price of atmosphere disposal later and solve the Marine pollution issues.



Recycled material, unaffected by marine bores. It will not rot, corrode, or decay. Low friction coefficient

Easy to install and maintenance5.Unlimited lengths



1. Bridge protection

2. Fender piles and systems

3. Guidewalls and locks


V Fender, It is the SX-type fender which is a narrow, excellent low reaction force and high energy absorption type. This is especially suitable for open-type piers with vertical piles and the like to which low reaction force type is advantageous to construction cost.

The use of SX-P type fender an impact-absorption plate and also can be equipped with UHMW-PE on the face of SX-type fender enables the plate to receive the local pressure from the hull. The fender is so constructed that the local pressure is dispersed throughout the fender via the impact absorbing plate, damage to the fender by projections on the hull can be prevented, and stress is dispersed throughout the rubber part.

Both V Fenders (SX and SX-P) are available in standard heights from 250 to 1,000 mm, in standard length ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 mm.


  • High energy absorption with the relatively low reaction force

  • High durability as the internal stresses are dispersed throughout the fender body

  • A wide selection of sizes, length, and energy capacities

  • Can be installed both vertically and horizontally

  • Ease of installation


  • General Cargo Terminals

  • Container Berth

  • Berth for tug boats

  • Multi-Purpose-Terminals

  • RoRo ramps

  • Shipyard

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