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Erosion is the biggest enemy of a ship. It is an unavoidable aspect of the life of the ship, due to the constant contact with water and the presence of moisture.

DIVING TASK Underwater Services undertakes underwater fitting anodes and underwater replacement anodes (u/w replacement anodes) in the submerged parts of the ship, rudder, propeller and hull. As a result, the smooth operation of the ship is extended and the costs of keeping the ship away from the dry-dock are reduced significantly. 

During the service of the underwater replacement anodes and underwater fitting anodes, we inspect the area by simultaneously taking photos and video, which delivers to the ship-owning company and classification society, to determine whether there is a need for underwater replacement anodes. 


Then experienced divers remove the depleted anodes and weld on new ones, after having, first of all, cleaned the protected surface. Our highly trained technical staff is our guarantee of the quality of the result.

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