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In marine construction environments, steel pilings are exposed to the natural that impacts their useful service lives. Corrosion represents one the inevitable factor which engineers and marine contractors must consider when designing, installing, or work around these structural sections. The damage of stemming from the corroded steel can be significant, an understanding of corrosion factors, zones and preventive measures is paramount to sustaining a piling’s long-term life.

  • Corrosion Zones - Corrosion rates on steel piling surfaces vary considerably within few distinct zones.

  • Splash Zone - Considered the zone where the most serious corrosion activity occurs, the splash zone comprises the area of steel pilings at and immediately above the high tide line, which is subject to frequent wetting from splashing water.

  • Between this area and the immersed area, corrosion cells are produced by different oxygen concentrations. The metal underwater is anodic to the exposed area, with the corrosion rates intensifying because of the short electrical paths and tide changes.

  • Tidal Zone - An area of relatively low corrosion rates, the tidal zone is immersed on a part-time basis. The metal in this zone benefits from being cathodic to the metal which is slightly below low tide.

  • Continuously Submerged Zone - A shortage of dissolved oxygen at the water-metal interface equates to a low corrosion rate in both salt and freshwater areas that are fully immersed. A corrosion rate of 5 mm per year is used as a guide for carbon steel in seawater.




We Diving Task in Hong Kong provide the following pile wrapping services.

Wet/Underwater Petrolatum Tape Primer

Used as a primer for damp or wet surfaces prior to the application of Denso petrolatum tapes. Penetrates existing rust displaces moisture, pacifies the surface, and aids in adhesion.

Marine Petrolatum Tape with HDPE Backing

Petrolatum tape is designed to be used without a primer to protect dry, wet, or submerged surfaces. The tapes provide long-term protection to pipes, pilings, risers, flanges, valves, and related surfaces.

Steel and Concrete Pile Protection System

An anti-corrosion protection system for medium to large piles using a proven petrolatum tape with over a 35-year history. The SeaShield Marine Tape is protected with a durable HDPE outer cover secured with marine-grade alloy bolts.

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