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DIVING TASK Marine Service Ltd Hong Kong undertakes the underwater search & recovery of the anchor chain (in cases where the anchor is lost), having at its disposal advanced devices, the latest technology, and highly trained technical staff. Also in cases where the anchor chain is tangled (in ropes, shipwrecks, metals), our company undertakes the disengagement of the chain.

Economic Solution

In cases where the anchor is lost, the cost of buying a new one is high, therefore the underwater search & recovery anchor chain (cable), is the most direct and economical solution.

Our Method

Starting from the coordinates (position) given by the ship, our company conducts search using a magnetometer, which searches for metals in the underwater area and side-scan sonar, for the recognition of the findings, achieving a quick underwater search & recovery of anchor and chain (cable). Lastly, the chain is recovered with the help of a floating crane and it is locked in position.

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