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Underwater cutting services on ships are mainly applied in the case of deformed blades, to shipwrecks going for scrap, to plates or pieces of plates that need replacing such as a detached bilge keel. Underwater welding, as well as underwater cutting, ensures speediness of the work rate at very low cost, with equally good results, which makes them irreplaceable in the field of marine structures. Underwater cutting has many common points as with those carried out on the surface. The difference is in the special equipment required and qualified divers.


Methods of Underwater cutting

Underwater cutting has two types, type 1 - BROCO Arc cutting using underwater cutting rods with oxygen that can cut all ferrous and non-ferrous metals thickness from 1 mm to any size, basically it's burning and melting process with 10000-degree celsius arc. Type 2 - Hydraulic cold cutting power by 150 bar hydraulic pressure runs the cutting disc.

With many year experiences in underwater cutting, our specially trained divers who have excellent technical knowledge, we guarantees a high quality and time effective result.

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