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  • Underwater maintenance in hong kong tasks such as underwater hull cleaning and underwater propeller polishing, underwater fitting anodes and underwater replacement anodes, u/w search and recovery anchor chain (cable), underwater sea chests cleaning  underwater sea chests gratings cleaning, temporary underwater plugging sea chests (waterproofing), underwater maintenance bow thrusters.

  • Underwater inspection in hong kong (in-water survey) with underwater video, periodic inspection of channel buoy for anchor/DMA/chain, pre and post-installation survey for cable and pipelines, ship Inspection for Propeller clearing, underwater photography and underwater measurements, underwater clearance measurements of rudder pintles and tail-end shaft wear down measurements, underwater survey of coastal structures and underwater survey of underwater constructions.

  • Underwater repairs in hong kong such as, underwater cutting, underwater welding, underwater waterproofing, underwater propeller repair, underwater propeller cutting (cropping), underwater propeller polishing, underwater rudders repair, underwater replacement rope cutter, underwater repair bow thrusters.

  • Specialised underwater maintenance in hong kong of submarine and coastal structures, installation of underwater pipelines, installation of underwater cables, underwater pipe inspection. Construction and maintenance of ports. Shipwreck salvage (refloating), shipwreck cutting, shipwreck removal.